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We can retouch old photos ...

... and print them in any size you like, leaving the original unchanged.

We only need to scan your photographs once to make as many copies as you want. This means that we will expose your old photos to only one flash of light. Repeated exposure to light ages your photos prematurely.

We can take muddy, faded or ripped photos and make one or many restored copies. We can remove extraneous background or other parts of the photograph. We can add subject matter.

We can also scan and print drawings or paintings.

We charge $57 per hour for retouching. The cost of printing varies with the size of the photo. Contact us for an estimate.

We guarantee our work to be accurate: If we make an error, we fix it without charge. Also, we do our best to meet all our clients' timelines. We are generally more busy in the spring and fall and less busy in the summer and winter. Please contact us if you are working under a tight deadline.

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Contact information:

email: info@editide.us
(888) 259-8216
toll free
(971) 259-8216
outside the USA

1392 VT Rte 232
Marshfield, VT 05658-8067

Technical information:

We use Illustrator, and Photoshop and can convert to and from other formats. We can return your work by email, as hard copy, or on disk.

About us:

Together we have more than 90 years of experience as professional editors and graphic designers.

Thanks for your consideration,
John and Sue Morris, Elizabeth Conard, Katie Decker, and Chatch Pregger

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