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Graphic Design and Layout

We can create charts, graphs, tables, family trees, and layouts. We can help you create your idea on the web or on paper. We can also copy and print drawings or paintings.

We guarantee our work to be accurate: If we make an error, we fix it without charge. Also, we do our best to meet all our clients’ timelines. We are generally more busy in the spring and fall and less busy in the summer and winter. Please contact us if you are working under a tight deadline.

We charge $57 per hour for graphic design services. If you would like an estimate for a particular project, please feel welcome to contact us at

There may be other charges, such as return shipping and reprinting.

Technical Information

We use Illustrator, Photoshop, LaTeX and even MS Word, and can convert to and from other formats. We can return your work as by email, as hard copy, or on disk.