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About Us

Editide started when Sue and John began offering editing services from their home in 2006. Thanks to the good will of their many clients, the business thrived and grew for the next decade. With a new decade approaching, Editide has entered a new phase as a distributed, cooperative worker-owned business. Chatch has been helping with the formatting work for several years and Katie joined him in 2019. On the editing side, Elizabeth joined the Editide team in early 2019 as a full-time editor and Harper joined her in 2020. Sue and John are pleased that two new generations of their family and friends are available to take over as they ramp down to retirement over the coming decade.

Like any service, Editide cannot answer all needs. Many of our clients require services in addition to copy editing and graphic design. Please click here to view our list of recommended services for development editing and coaching, assistance with statistics, customized web development, expert coding, fact checking, and transcription.

Meet the Team

John Morris

Billing and Technical Support
Formatting, Editing, and Graphic Design
888-259-8216, ext. 808

John’s degree is in Engineering Physics from Cornell University. His experience as an editor hails from the early ’90s, when he helped produce a magazine about computers, wrote articles, did production work, and provided technical assistance. His careers have included dancer, intentional community financial administrator, construction worker, and environmentalist.

John enjoys parenting and grandparenting, helping the children through their many practical tribulations.

His main thrust politically is environmentalism. He works to reduce the carbon imprint of the household and has plans for a microhydroelectric installation that will provide electricity for all its members. He works with the Marshfield Energy Committee and advocates for a simple lifestyle, eschewing materialism and the consumer culture.

John loves to snowboard, ski, and bike. He has lived in Belgium for a year and traveled in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, England, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and across the United States several times. His favorite place to be is home.

Elizabeth Conard

Formatting, Editing, and Marketing
888-259-8216, ext. 806

Elizabeth’s degree in Creative Writing is from Northern Vermont University. Her experience editing began in her undergraduate years when she edited writing for students in the federal TRIO program and served as an assistant editor for Green Mountain Review and Pamplemousse. After earning her degree, Elizabeth served as the artistic director and poetry editor for Heliopause Magazine, a literary and arts publication she founded in 2017. 

Prior to joining Editide, Liz worked as a behavioral therapist, English teacher, marketing manager, and acupuncture clinic office manager. In addition to her professional and personal endeavors, Liz is invested in supporting various human rights and environmental campaigns and organizations. Most notably, she has volunteered with the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition in Washington D.C., Prince William Forest Park in West Virginia, and The United Saints Recovery Project for Disaster Relief in New Orleans. Most recently, Elizabeth cocurated an art installation titled Empathy & Ethos, which aimed to bring awareness to healthcare and the impact of medication in rural communities. Liz’s first book, titled Progressive Women: Unsung Heroes Doing the Daily Work and cowritten with Sue Morris, was published in 2022. She has also been published in various literary magazines, including Maudlin House, Hobart After Dark, Mutiny! Magazine, and Wrongdoing Magazine.

​Liz enjoys traveling, and has had the privilege of visiting most U.S. states and living in several. When she isn’t writing, editing, or adventuring, she enjoys spending time at home with her partner Jacob and two pets.

Harper Shawverhowell

Administration, Formatting, and Editing
888-259-8216, ext. 807

Harper’s degree in Film & Screen Studies is from SUNY Binghamton, where she rounded out her college education after transferring from Pace University in NYC. Her love of writing and editing hails from childhood, where she spent Saturday afternoons reading and writing research reports about her favorite animals.

Harper’s professional history spans many industries and sectors, including copywriting, health policy, finance, human resources, entertainment, construction, university housing, and retail. From 2018–2019, Harper served as nonfiction and fiction editor for Heliopause Magazine.

In her spare time, Harper enjoys traveling, photography, reading, walking her dog, and watercolor painting. She also dedicates time to local, national, and international issues in various communities including volunteering for Los Angeles city council campaigns; partaking in peaceful protests for BLM, the Women’s March, and abolishing the Dakota Access Pipeline (No DAPL); and supporting global issues such as climate change and women’s rights.

Harper currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, after living in such areas as New York, Seattle, Prague, Iowa, and Vermont, her home state.

Chatch Pregger


Chatch grew up in Fair Haven, Vermont. When he was 15 years old, he moved to Connecticut to attend the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts following his dream to become a professional ballet dancer. His dream came to fruition when he joined Boston Ballet II in 1999 and was promoted to Boston Ballet the following year. Since then, he has been a member of the Washington Ballet and the Houston Ballet, as well as a guest dancer with the Arizona Ballet, Hartford Ballet, and Texas Ballet Theatre. He also joined the Portland Ballet in 2010 to dance the role of Cavalier in their Victorian Nutcracker.

Chatch is currently teaching Ballet at Spotlight Vermont where he especially loves making ballet accessible to beginner adult dancers. 2019 marked the fifth year of the Farm to Ballet Project after an extremely successful first four years. “I knew I would love the creativity of building a ballet company, but I was thrilled to discover the joy of bringing new audiences onto the farms to experience the art of dance,” he explained.

Katie Decker


Katie has almost 20 years of experience as an educator and administrator—most recently as Director of Centerpoint School, where she concluded a 17-year commitment to educating students with emotional and behavioral challenges. She has taught students from age 3 all the way up to college age across a variety of skill levels and content areas. In 2018, Katie and her partner, Chatch, incorporated Ballet Vermont, a ballet company with a social mission. Ballet Vermont produces multiple ballet productions a year (including the Farm to Ballet project), hires amateur and professional dancers and musicians, and runs several kids camps. Katie coordinates and manages the whole thing: soup to nuts. Above all, she values relationships and community. She is also the Co-Interim Director of Green Mountain Performing Arts (GMPA). In addition to running the organization, she teaches ballet and facilitates the Aftercare Program. Getting the students off the bus each day is a task she loves most at GMPA. She loves making GMPA a place where kids can feel valued, seen, and cared for while they pursue passions and interests.

Sue Morris


Sue’s degree in Dramatic Arts and Speech is from Rutgers University. Her experience as an editor hails from the 1960s, when she edited dissertations for graduate students. Her intermittent careers have been, most importantly, mother, then dance director and historian, intentional community administrator, construction worker, and dramatist. She enjoys editing, politics, and building the earthship in which she and John live. As a mother, she has 5 children, and enjoys visiting her 14 grandchildren.

Political interest has been strong since childhood. Sue performed at peace rallies in the ’60s and participated in civil rights demonstrations, including at the famous “I have a dream” speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington DC. She worked with the United Farm Workers, with the gay and lesbian Right to Marry Taskforce, and Occupy Central Vermont.

Sue has traveled in many parts of the world, including living in Chile for a year and traveling in Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, and across the United States numerous times. She finds southern Utah to be the most beautiful place she has been.

Sue has written a reader’s theater play of African American poetry and a science fiction story.

Sue and John met as dancers while Sue directed Teen Two-Step and Worldance, arranging cultural exchanges between Vermont teenage dancers and teenagers in Russia, England, Newfoundland, and Costa Rica. Sue formed Galopede to present traditional New England dance in period costume at local venues, and danced in France, Belgium, Ecuador, Canada and New England with the Green Mountain Volunteers. She directed cultural exchanges between younger dancers from India, Mexico, Bulgaria, and Japan and their Vermont counterparts. Sometimes, she teaches international folk dance at the Old Schoolhouse Common to local people of all ages.

Both Sue and John have rehabilitated old houses, and following John’s lead, Sue is now interested in environmental issues. The couple is building the earthship in which they live, a green building that uses recycled building materials and passive solar techniques.