Welcome to Editide

Welcome to Editide!

Editide offers a variety of related services.
We guarantee our work to be accurate: If we make an error, we fix it without charge. Also, we do our best to meet all our clients' timelines. We are generally more busy in the spring and fall and less busy in the summer and winter. Please contact us if you are working under a tight deadline.


We specialize in editing academic and nonacademic dissertations, theses, articles, papers, prose, grants, resumés, and journals. We can edit your website and check your links. We are able to edit in many different academic disciplines from physics and economics to literature and anthropology. Our comprehensive editing includes suggestions for readability, grammar, spelling, and layout.
If you use MS Word 6 or later, we can return your manuscript with our suggestions marked through the Track Changes feature, allowing you to easily accept or reject some or all of our suggestions. We can also edit manuscripts in other formats including Pages, TeX, LaTeX and text.

$57 per hour.

Graphic Design

We can lay out your document, memoirs or magazine, make graphs and charts, and implement your design for a drawing, logo or image. We can retouch old photos and print as many copies as you want. We can work with you to help create charts, graphs, tables, advertisements, and family trees, either on the web or on paper. Artists! We can also copy and print drawings or paintings.
We use Illustrator, Photoshop, LaTeX and even MS Word, and can convert to and from other formats. We can return your work as hard copy, on disk or through email.
$57 per hour.


While we specialize in editing and graphic design, we can also type academic theses, articles, papers, journals, diaries, and manuscripts. We can accept handwritten or typewritten manuscripts, disks, email attachments, and facsimiles. We work primarily in MS Word, but we can accept and deliver many other word processing formats.

$57 per hour.

Contact information:

email: info@editide.us
(888) 259-8216
toll free
(971) 259-8216
outside the USA

1392 VT Rte 232
Marshfield, VT 05658-8067

About us:

Together, we have more than 90 years experience as professional editors and graphic designers.
Thanks for your consideration,
John and Sue Morris, Elizabeth Conard, Katie Decker, and Chatch Pregger
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