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Elizabeth's degree in Creative Writing is from Northern Vermont University. Her experience editing began in her undergraduate years, when she edited writing for students in the federal TRIO program. Currently, Liz is the artistic director and poetry editor for Heliopause Magazine, a literary and arts publication she founded in 2017. When she isn't working with Heliopause, she enjoys hiking, painting, and writing creative works of her own.

In recent years, she has worked as a behavioral therapist, English teacher, marketing manager, and acupuncture clinic office manager. In addition to her professional and personal endeavors, Liz is invested in supporting various human rights and environmental campaigns and organizations. Most notably, she has volunteered with the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition in Washington, DC, the No More Movement to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, The United Saints Recovery Project, and she is a featured artist for the Philadelphia Resource Exchange, an organization focused on using recycled materials within artwork.

Liz enjoys traveling, and has had the privilege of visiting most U.S. states and living in several. Her favorite places include Petrolia, CA, the Carrizo Plains, and Havana, Cuba.

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