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"Sue, You truly helped lighten my stress load during the last month of my dissertation journey! Your knowledge of APA, your formatting expertise, and your overall style recommendations were incredibly supportive. Additionally and as importantly, you and John are professional, reliable, fast, kind and caring. I enthusiastically recommend your services to other doctoral students. I am grateful for your immense talent!!"
Donna Lamkin, University at Albany

"Thank you very much for your fantastic work. Your work improved the readibility of our paper significantly. What's more, your work is not limited to grammatical modification. You worked according to author's meaning with deep understanding of the paper. Thank you again!"
Lirong Chen, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China
  "As always you did a wonderful job a my copy editor. I appreciate your dedication and support. You are a consummate professional. Although I believe my writing has improved since I worked on my dissertation, I know your critical eye for detail has been the difference between a good paper and a great paper."
Daniel Duca, Walden University

"To the best editor in the world!!! I greatly appreciate your quick response and professionalism! I couldn't have gotten to this point without your wonderful editing services!"
Jessica C., Virginia Tech

"I was dreading editing my dissertation per APA standards, that is, until I learned about Sue Morris and Editide. I did my research, called Sue, and after talking to her I knew I had found my editor to help me through this rigorous PhD process. She is amazing for fast turnaround, she knew my university's template and was always so encouraging. I have recommended her to several of my colleagues."
Cindy Maynard, Walden University
  John Abiodun Orisasona completed his Doctor of Public Health in 2013 with a concentration in epidemiology.
John Abiodun Orisasona, Walden University

"I truly recognize the ethical and kind way in which you conduct your business. Your services have been stellar and the editing was extremely thorough, providing me the eloquent, polished dissertation I sought to produce. I will never use another editing service! Many, many thanks."
Sandra Hamar, Grand Canyon University

"Thank you for your willingness to help me. You were a joy to work with through this process."
Ivy Maxwell, University of Phoenix

"Thanks again to the best editor to grace this earth!!"
Minnie Polite, Argosy

"I owe Editide much more for helping me with my dissertation than the payment involved. The 2nd run of my dissertation (chapters 1/2/3) came back with excellent feedback, much better than I expected. None of the feedback involved fixing APA editing issues. I can't recommend Editide highly enough! The service cut months off what I expected. The service is highly recommended; actually, it is a vital requirement to finishing your dissertation!"
Gina Mieszczak, Capella University
  "It was great working with you and I gave your name to another USF student who may need your services."
Marilys deLong Taylor Ed.D., University of San Francisco

"Thanks for the attention to detail and careful editing of my latest book, Gold Atlas of Rich Hill, Arizona."
Erik Melchiorre, Geology Department, California State University.

"Sue, thank you so much for all your assistance. You have been a pleasure. Truly."
Mike Romas, Fielding Graduate University
  "You guys are good with me. Your support has been tremendous. More to come."
Sherylin Fletcher, Argosy University

"Without doubt your marvelous service and kindness deserve your clients' confidence and gratitude. Thanks a lot for everything."
Maryam Balawi, doctoral student from Saudi Arabia

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done! I wish I heard about your services years ago because the benefits you offer are superb! I have worked with many editors before and your service is clearly the best. I plan on recommending you to peers and using your services again in the future. Thanks again!"
Daniel Siegel, University of Central Florida

"Thank you and John very much for the great and very quick service. I really appreciate it! It has been a pleasure to work with you and if you need someone to endorse your services, please let me know."
Bob Cockerill, University of Liverpool
Jean Lord, doctoral candidate at Walden University runs a wildlife hospital

"You and John did an excellent job. I will continue to refer people."
Shonta Smith, Doctoral Candidate

"I was impressed with three things: First, how quickly you performed the work, second, the great quality of work, and third, how friendly both you and John were."
Vincent Hines, Doctoral Candidate

"Thank you for your help editing my dissertation during the summer of 2007. Your professionalism, efficiency and responsibility are highly appreciated and valued."

  "Thank you all for assisting me in this journey!"
Crystal Green, PhD, Kent State

"I want to thank you both for your help during this past year as I scurried to get the dissertation done. You both helped me make something possible that I wasn't sure was possible. I mentioned both of you in the acknowledgments to my dissertation for your document preparation that was, for the most part on short order. I am very grateful for both of you and the work you do."
Ellen Cullman, Doctoral Candidate

"Again thank you for all your support, advice, and hard work."
Dan Umbarger, author of Explaining Logarithms
Dr. Theresa Anders, Nova Southeastern

"Thank you very much for editing my book."
Erik Melchiorre, Geology Department, California State University. Author of Octave Gold Mine

"My dissertation has been accepted by the dean and the Ohio Board of Regents. I'm on my way to graduation! Thank you for your invaluable assistance. When I draft an article, I will call on you again."
Terry Ruby, mental health counselor

"You are providing excellent service. I recommend your service to other researchers."
"You are careful and efficient."
In Choi, Department of Economics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"Wow Sue! Thanks for the fast service!"
"My co-author and I have been pleased with the work."
Gail Taylor
"Thank you for everything. I could not have done it without your help."
James J. Fedderman Ph.D., University of Maryland Eastern Shore

"You supplied me with many good suggestions that will keep me productively focused for the next couple of months. I've enclosed another bit of writing that I would love for you to look at."
"Wow, you're fast. Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I kind of felt that way about the first 25 pages as well. It's great to get another voice to echo that for me."
Rob Murphy, Professor of Drama, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Markell Harrison-Jackson Ph.D., Lynn University

"Let me say that John is a truly good guy. his work is flawless!!"
Loay Alnaji, "Determining the Effect of Sample Size on Bias, Variance, and Accuracy in Back Propagation Neural Network Models"

"I must thank you very much for the great help."
Nick Nazari, "Fermat's Last Theorem and its Generalization, Beal's Conjecture"

Xueguo Zhang
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  "It looks awesome! The cover is just how I envisioned it!"
John Marquardt, Premonitions of September 11th
  "For the final edit review, I used Sue Morris of Editide, a lifesaver. I believe that is why I did not have any major turn backs during the final reviews. We need more trustworthy and reliable businesses like Editide."
Karen Dixon-Brugh, Walden University

"I'll just keep sending you students. . . . You're doing a great job."
Deborah Schaff Johnson, Argosy University

"I would like to thank you very much for the editing and formatting work you have done. I believe this is very high quality work. John's comments and formating throughout the document were excellent. I am a happy customer."
Richard Tabu, Nova Southeastern University

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